Pi Chapter Π

Trenton, New Jersey Chartered June 18, 1933

Charter Members

*Sarah Blackwell Harris *Pansy B. Leonard *Marinda B. Davis

*Charlie Chapman Potter *Rose Reid *Rhoda Roberts Morris

* Dorothy Comer *Alise Terry *Margaret Thompson

*Laura Hinson *Sara Hunt Woods *Jeanette Watkins

*Carolyn Kibble *Pansy W. Newsome *Carolyn Gates

*Hallie Johnson *Mabel Freeman

Pi Chapter was chartered on June 18, 1933, by 17 young educators from Trenton, Princeton, Skillman, East Orange, Moorestown, Riverton, and Ewing, New Jersey under the leadership of our first Basileus, Sarah Blackwell Harris. Pi Chapter has worked to uplift the dedicated educators: classroom teachers, counselors, school nurses, supervisors, principals, directors, assistant superintendents, and superintendents, and other educators within our public, charter, and private schools serving all levels from pre-school through higher education throughout our 87 years of service. We are most proud of our education and community work in areas of Youth Guidance, Praxis Study Review, and Scholarship Awards. Our scholarship program has been active since 1941 and to date, we have awarded over 500 scholarship and book awards.